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TAGS Jubilee River (Thames) 10km swim

10 June 2018

The Jubilee River is a 12km man-made flood channel running between Maidenhead and Windsor in the Thames River Valley of south-east England. Set in one of the most exceptionally beautiful parts of the country, the river is also a haven for wildlife, in particularly for many bird specifies.

Now in its fourth year, the Jubilee River 10km swim is organised annually  by My Sporting Times. Unlike the Dart10k, this is not a continuous 10km river swim from start to finish. Instead, the swim is divided into three sections with swimmers having to exit at weirs along the river, and re-enter where the river continues its path.

This year was Malini’s first attempt at the Jubilee River swim as part of the TAGS campaign and swim challenge. Taking place on a dry and sunny summer’s day, it was a swim to remember.

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